Bottled Water For Children

I graduated from Dental School in 1982. I have always enjoyed treating children. In my first 15 years of practice, it was very common for my young patients to have NO DECAY! I had more young patients without any fillings, than had fillings. The only treatment these young people had were cleanings and Orthodontics. Many had their first anesthetic when they had their wisdom teeth out!

We in Dentistry started to see a significant rise in tooth decay in baby teeth. Not just one or two cavities, but often four to eight cavities in Baby teeth. The first question I ask is “What type of water do you drink?” The usual answer is Bottled Water. These young enthusiastic parents want to do the best for their children. They will spare no expense if they think it is better!

Bottled water is not fluoridated, your city water here in Toronto and the GTA is fluoridated. Drinking Tap water will decrease your children’s decay rate, and cost you nothing. Most bottled water will not pass the city standards for cleanliness. Bottled water is wasteful, as those bottles do not degrade for many years.

What about filtered water? I have checked the website for BRITA. According to the company, the charcoal filter does not remove fluoride from drinking water. It is safe, cheap and you can bottle your own water. Using Re-usable bottles will save you hundreds of dollars per year.

Dr Saul Dimitry.